Complete with terrible boating puns, slow jazz music and a constant barrage of seafaring weaponry, Leviathan: Warships' launch trailer is just about as awesome as we wanted it to be.

Leviathan: Warships is a turn-based, tactical, naval combat game that comes from Paradox Interactive and Pieces Interactive. The Swedish Paradox Interactive has been making awesome PC games since the late 90s, so they know what's good.

Leviathan Warships is out now for the PC, Mac and iPad. It will hit the Google Play market for tablets on Thursday.

And here's the original trailer that got all this nautical nonsense started.

I don't know, it worked on me. You're (virtually) looking at one recent owner of Leviathan Warships. These trailers pushed me towards snagging the game, and I don't even like boats.

Pfft, of course I like boats. What kind of landlubber doesn't like boats?