Weapon Shop de Omasse, the final game in Level-5's Nintendo 3DS Guild series, could finally be making its way to Western audiences. The game has appeared on the Australian Classification Board and has received a rating of PG, meaning it has finally been translated.

Level-5 has pointed to the heavier translation needed when compared to other games in the Guild series for its delayed release. It is a twist on the RPG genre, which already calls to mind a huge amount of text. Rather than playing as the heroes, the two protagonists are weapon shop owners who forge weapons through rhythm game mechanics.

The Australian Classification Board has also listed it as multi-platform, meaning it could potentially be released on iOS and Android as well.

If you haven't yet heard of the Guild series, then now would be a good time to jump aboard. Level-5 is one of Japan's largest publishers, and it gave the opportunity to several of the countries most beloved game designers to create a game with a bit more of an indie vibe, kind of like EA Partners. In Japan, they were released on two cartridges, but they are all individual digital games on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in America.

Some are hits, and some are misses, but they all showcase the basics of what each developer is best at.

Attack of the Friday Monsters, Aero Porter and Crimson Shroud have proven to be the most popular, and Liberation Maiden is also worth checking out. I haven't played Bugs vs Tanks or The Starship Damrey yet, so it might be time to finally snatch them up before this last game possibly lands over here, poor review scores aside.

Treat Weapon Shop de Omasse as a rumor for now, and hope for more Guild games in the future. I've had a blast and would like to see Level-5 take another stab at it.