Yokai Watch is all kinds of crazy popular in Japan. I went to the movie theater the other night to see Gone Girl with my wife, and the theater lobby must have had at least 300 kids packed in for a special showing of the new movie. Maybe we should have picked another night.

At any rate, what do you expect from a series that has gone toe-to-toe with Pokemon for an entire year? Even the recent expansion, Yokai Watch 2: Shinuchi, topped out 1.2 million in its first week, bringing total sales of Yokai Watch 2 to over 5 million! Nintendo and Level-5 are rolling in their Nintendo 3DS dough, and guess what! Level-5 thinks it has something even better!

Speaking with Wedge Infinity at Jump Festa this past weekend, studio boss Akihiro Hino teased that Level-5 has something even bigger planned for 2015.

“It takes a lot of time to craft new installments of Yokai Watch, but on some weeks, we’re actually spending more time on our ‘new title. Around this time next year, I think we’ll have something out that’s different not just from Yokai Watch, but anything else we’ve ever done before. 2015 is going to be yet another big year of change for us.

2015 will be a year where we usher in a hit bigger than Yokai Watch.”

I’m not sure if that kills my theory that Level-5 is working on Dragon Quest XI, especially if it’s something the company has never done before. Not sure if I am happy or sad about that news either, but at least I am curious. What could Level-5 possibly bring to the table that can surpass Yokai Watch at this point?

Hino also confirmed this past weekend at the film’s presentation that Yokai Watch’s anime is heading West along with the game, and only a few character’s names will change. Jibanyan will still be “Jibanyan” in the states. Have you heard the origin story for this guy? He is the lost soul of a dead cat who was crushed under a car!


Yeah, my feelings exactly, Pikachu. That’s pretty dark…

We are still waiting for an official release date for Yokai Watch to come to the states. We know it is taking its sweet time alongside Monster Hunter 4, but I am tired of hearing about this game and being region-locked out. Give me a release date Level-5, or I am not going to survive the winter vacation without a Japanese 3DS!