Mobile RPGs are a dime a dozen, but when a massively popular name like Level-5 steps behind the development, people tend to listen, including the big console developers. This means the Professor Layton and Dragon Quest IX creator’s latest little RPG, Wonder Flick, is coming not only to iOS and Android but also to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PS Vita, Xbox One and Wii U.

Wonder Flick sports all of the wonderful charm that made its obvious inspiration, Dragon Quest, so popular in its home country of Japan: a nomadic warrior, a cute princess, a proud king, adventurous music and deviously adorable monsters. It’s an aesthetic that is now nearing 30 years old, and I am still in love.

What is a touch RPG without a touch based battle system, though? Wonder Flick takes this sword bearing champion into battle with the monsters, and the puzzle elements at the bottom must be flicked at the enemy to dish out damage.

While maybe forgettable at first view, Level-5 has a reputation as one of the top RPG developers in the world. Everything it touches turns to gold, so it goes to say that even a game that requires you to touch might be a lot of fun. And with all the big boys are on board, there is no reason you shouldn’t be either.