While Level-5 was hyping its next huge multi-media franchise, one it promised would be larger than Yokai Watch, I was wondering exactly what Japanese kids could be into more than collecting monsters and playing soccer. Now that we know what that new franchise is, thanks to the Level-5 Vision 2015 event today in Japan, it’s so obvious.

Food! Food is everywhere in Japan. On the streets, in travel magazines, on variety shows. Japan is so stupidly in love with its food, and that is what Level-5 will tap into with its new franchise, The Snack World.

The game will extend to a Nintendo 3DS and mobile game, a CG anime, a manga, toy lines, and feature length films. I also wonder if it will have any official snacks either. The game will also interact with “Jara,” key chain like items powered by the same NFC technology found in amiibo and guaranteed to make Level-5 a whole boat load of money, money and money.

Japanese kids love buying cheap plastic.

Level-5 calls The Snack World a “hyper casual fantasy,” and it strays from its typical kid-friendly style and  into more traditional RPG design thanks to the CG graphics.

Thanks, but I’ll stick to catching monsters and ghosts. I say that now, but once we see those snacks burst onto the Nintendo 3DS scene, we all know I won’t be able to resist. I just gotta eat ’em all!