Some people collect stamps. Some, insects. Some collect game cartridges. Japan-based Steam user PalmDesert, well, he collects Steam games, apparently. And he has over half of them.

Over half of all the games on Steam. He's at 5,132 out of 9,525. SteamDB rates the user's account at a worth of $17,787, though, as you might guess, many of the games ere bought on sale, with nearly 80% of them costing under $5 – in fact he only has 9 games above the $30 mark. With that said, the user has put in 11,560 hours of playtime and played around 1,500 of those games for at least an hour.

Steam profiles have levels based on stuff like games owned, event participation, and badges, and PalmDesert is tops there, too, with his level currently at 1,049. Kotaku notes that PalmDesert has been on top of the Steam pile since at least 2013.

PalmDesert's favorite games? Left 4 Dead 2, Rocksmith 2014, and Ultra Street Fighter IV. He's put more time into those three games than I've put into my whole Steam library.