Apple has made video chat cool again with  its FaceTime application on the iPhone 4, and now it seems like everyone wants to join the party.  In the last 2 months, video chatting on mobile devices has become ultra popular, yet the biggest hurdle to its wide adoption is the lack of chatting by way of iPhone 4 to, well, any other device besides another iPhone 4 or current generation iPod Touch.  I mean video chat is great as long as you have another friend with an iPhone 4/iPod Touch who also happens to be connected to a wifi network, but realistically how often does that happen.  I’m not sure what the issue is with AT&T not allowing video chat over 3G as many other bandwidth hog applications are up and running in the wild, but that’s another discussion altogether.

iphone_yahoo_messengerYahoo has announced a cross platform video chat app that will enable us to video conference with non-iPhone 4 users.  Yes, I know, it’s hard to believe not every living being has an iPhone 4 yet, but non the less this is a welcome addition in my household.  Mobile users will be able to video chat with Android users, Windows users, Linux users and Mac users among others all while dogs and cats live together and vampires hang out with werewolves.

I digress.  I personally have been down on Yahoo lately but if they pull this off I may just buy stock, not really but you get the point.  I will now be able to video chat with my mother, a non iPhone user whom has recently converted to Mac and share what goes on in her granddaughters lives all without having to sit in front of our computers in that generic office setting.  This capability will lend more to actually sharing our lives together from 3,000 miles away instead of just talking about them. Let’s face it, experiencing life over chat should be more than all 4 of us huddling around a computer staring at a webcam.  I can’t wait to video chat with her and let her witness the kids running around the playground, or take her with us to the school play and at least have some of the experience.  If Yahoo can pull this off I will be shouting YAHOO!!! From the highest mountain as it will bring a family living on separate coasts closer together.