There has been a ton of information revealed about the Samsung Galaxy S8. It’s the next flagship on the horizon and we know pretty much now everything about it. Slowly over the past weeks, more specs and important notes of it have been leaking at a furious tempo.

It’s a lot of information to track, so we decided to make a cheat sheet about all that we do know of the S8.

Release date

Last weekend, Samsung announced the official date it will reveal the Galaxy S8—March 29. Not too much later, another report revealed it would go on sale April 21, but there has been no confirmation about this date. It does fit the timeframe the phone should go on sale though. It usually takes two to four weeks after the announcement of a phone for it to go on sale. More likely than not, expect the S8 to gone sale at the end of April.


We pretty much know exactly what the S8 will look like thanks to a ton of leaked images. Its design is more evolutionary than revolutionary. It keeps a lot of the same design elements found in the previous Galaxy version dating back to the S6. The S8 will still feature the still familiar front and back glass panels fused together by a metal band coming together in a premium finish. Different this time though is the elimination of the home button on the front in favor of a nearly bezel-less display that looks beautiful in the reported leaked images. It will also have a rounded display, eschewing away the hard corners found in nearly every smartphone. It looks very much like what LG did with the G6’s display.

Other notable differences is the fingerprint scanner migrating to the back and the addition of USB-C. It might also include a refined body like the Note 7’s with rounded edges that made it less sharp and comfortable to hold.


Last month we broke news of the S8 specs and notable leaker Evan Blass managed to get his hands on the S8 Plus specs though the model hasn’t been confirmed yet. The specs on both of the devices are pretty much identical say for a few differences like screen size (5.8-inch vs. 6.2-inch). Both phones will feature a Snapdragon 835 processor, Quad HD+ Super AMOLED display, 12MP Dual Pixel camera, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage with MicroSD expandability, an IP68 rating and wireless charging. Sounds like it will be a beast of a phone.

Other info

We know the specs, but just how powerful will the S8 be? Very. Slashgear posted a Geekbench score for the S8 and the results are quite impressive. It scored a multicore score of 6084 and single core score of 1929. For comparison, the S7 scored 5209 on the multicore and 1786 on the single core score. That’s a big jump in performance. Although it did rate highly, it should be noted that the iPhone 7’s single core score of 3305 still bested the S8.

In conclusion

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is coming real soon and it will be a fantastic phone with a beautiful industrial design and top-of-the-line specs. It will be Samsung’s first step as it tries to leave behind the Note 7 disaster in the rear mirror, and judging by everything we know of the phone, it will be a positive first step.

Check out the video above to see Jon breakdown all the information of the Galaxy S8.