It is what it sounds like, friends. A game about driving dogs through the snowy tundra in order to win cash, form bonds and gain fame.

This still-in-development title sort of grabbed our attention and drove our desire to play to frightening levels. Like I mention in the video itself, we're in the process of building an interview with Dog Sled Saga's creators. They sent us a beta copy for consideration, and we've been more hooked than we thought we would.

Dodging obstacles, tossing biscuits and upgrading our team has been a blast. The scary part? They aren't even finished with this thing yet.

You can pre-order Dog Sled Saga as a means of supporting the team for $5. If you want to play a constantly updating beta version of the game, pre-order it for $10. All of that can go down at the game's official site.

Keep your eyes peeled for our feature. We'll likely get it published next week as our entire team is lost somewhere in the convention halls of CES 2014 as we type this line.

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