Welcome to a brand new video series on TechnoBuffalo! I'm really excited to introduce "Let's Beat" to the herd.

In this new show, Mike White will join me to beat one game at a time in 30 minute chunks. Mike and I are great friends, and he happens to live close enough to join me a few times a week in order to record these gaming segments.

Our first choice for Let's Beat, if you haven't already figured it out, is Pikmin 2. Why? First, it's one of my favorite series in gaming. Second, with Pikmin 3 on the horizon, we figured we'd devote some time to an aging game that some of you might have missed.

We're playing the Wii version of the game all the way to completion.

Before you ask, we'll be sticking to slightly older games for Let's Beat. No reason to spoil stuff sitting on store shelves.

Finally, in order to cut down on taking the main TechnoBuffalo YouTube channel over with gaming content, we created a brand new channel specifically for gaming goodness. It's called TechnoBuffaloPlays, and you should subscribe.

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