We have a gaming channel on YouTube. We set this up a long time ago, and we've been using it to publish our preview and hands-on video coverage of games without flooding our main channel with stuff folks uninterested in games don't want to see.

It's called TechnoBuffaloPlays.

A lot of the stuff we publish on that channel never gets posted on the site here, and some of our viewers have asked that we do so in order to build the channel's small but friendly community. So, that's what I'm doing here.

This is the first episode of a new entry in our Let's Beat series. We pick one game, and we play it to completion. It's normally a game our viewers suggest or one we've had on our "need-to-play" list for a while. We're doing Gravity Ghost, and we already have a few episodes in the can.

If you dig what you see, stop by, subscribe, chat with us in the comments on YouTube.