Let it Die continues to be the little free-to-play game that could by crossing yet another threshold. Grasshopper Manufacture confirmed that the game has been downloaded three million times since launch, giving it enough life to justify developing further content such as weapons and costume parts.

The new items can be seen in a gruesome trailer provided by Grasshopper, along with the quote "Players can expect more updates in June, like brand new areas in the tower, as well as new decals and equipment, such as the Thunder Rod weapon and Warrior armor."

Will Grasshopper make free-to-play games from here on out?

Grasshopper has always been beloved for its offbeat, non-conforming action games, and Let it Die is certainly irreverent enough to fall into that category. The big question is if Grasshopper will ever go back to the large title model ever again. True, the world wants another No More Heroes, but if the free-to-play model proves too successful for the small company, who says they'll ever have to go back?

Don't worry, it's just a question. Every company wants its hit free-to-play title to help fund its larger games, and that's more likely the direction that Grasshopper is going to take. For every cent you spend in Let it Die, another adventure with Travis Touchdown comes that much closer.