While most of the big guys are working on small tablets, Lenovo is hitting the complete other side of the spectrum, working on making a 23-inch tablet computer. The computer will more than likely be more all-in-one PC than traditional tablet, and be something you could move from room to room in your home easier than a traditional computer.

That’s gigantic

A 23-inch tablet is certainly an interesting concept, and one that probably immediately scores a sideways glance from some. 23-inches? That’s huge.
The tablet could have a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard attached to it, and could theoretically be used like an iMac or other all-in-one PC for basic computing at home. The term tablet, however, implies that you might potentially tote this thing around with you somewhere. Where would you go with a 23-inch tablet? Assuming it was a portable weight, how would you carry it around? Would people stop and stare at you at your local coffee shop playing Angry Birds on it? Can you play Angry Birds on it?

Could 23-inches be useful?

I think the idea actually is a pretty solid one, if priced right. I could see using a 23-inch tablet as a replacement for a television in my bedroom, use it for recipes and TV while I’m cooking, lay it down on the coffee table for an electronic game of Monopoly. Large board games really aren’t all that functional on a 10-touchscreen. 23-inches would make games (and anything else you want to share with several people at once) much more accessible.

I think there could be tons of actually pretty interesting uses for the thing, bonus points if it could actually be used as a computer replacement, so it could be the only PC you own.

What do you think? What do you think about the idea of a 23-inch tablet? Can you see yourself using it around your home? What about taking it out in public? Useful? Or Useless? What price point and functionality would it need to have for you to want to buy one?

Update: Lenovo has told Engadget it has no plans to create a 23-inch tablet. Anyone disappointed?