Lenovo announced today that it will release a new Yoga Tablet next month, breaking the news on Chinese social media network Sina Weibo. In one post, the company's official account promised the "world's most addictive tablet" would be revealed this October, while Lenovo SVP Chen Xudong confirmed the news on his own account, adding that a celebrity guest would help unveil the device.

The Yoga Tablet will reportedly offer a few groundbreaking new features. Lenovo boasts it will be the first tablet with legs (not a kickstand) that can automatically prop the device up, as well as the ability to shift its center of gravity so it feels lighter when picked up. The company also claims the upcoming tablet will be world's thinnest.

It's unclear when the Lenovo Yoga Tablet will launch, or whether it will ever be sold in the U.S. or only target the Chinese market. Earlier this year, Lenovo dethroned HP as the company shipping the most PCs worldwide, beating out the American PC-maker by just a fraction of a percentage point, according to studies from Gartner and IDC.