lenovo vibe s1

Lenovo has released some pretty wild smartphones in the past, but this new device may push the envelope even further. The upcoming Vibe S1 handset will allegedly feature a pair of front-facing cameras along with some other high-end features.


According to UpLeaks, a regular source of gadget rumors on Twitter, the Lenovo Vibe S1 will pack a dual lens setup in front. This could make it possible to edit the focus of your selfies after you snap them. It could also mean a faster shutter speed for the front-facing camera, depending on what kind of technology Lenovo packs into that second lens.


A second tweet from UpLeaks offers a first look at the device, along with the possibility of a biometric scanner in back. It looks like Lenovo could include a fingerprint reader just below the camera and flash modules. Then again, this could also be some sort of laser sensor for offering speedy autofocus.

Otherwise the Lenovo S1 looks pretty straightforward. The back of the device seems to feature a slight curve, and we may also get a ring of metal around the edges of the device. Along the bottom you can see a pair of speakers along with what looks like a microUSB port.

There's no word on when the Vibe S1 will come out or how much it might cost, but with IFA 2015 coming early next month Lenovo may reveal the device in just a few short weeks.