Lenovo unveiled a handful of new products at its Tech World conference on Wednesday, but the company also gave us a glimpse at the future. That includes concepts for two pretty exciting gadgets: a smartphone with a built-in projector and new type of smartwatch.

Let’s start with the phone. This is no Pico-equipped handset. Instead, Lenovo has developed what it calls a focus-free laser, meaning the image will display perfectly every time on any surface. The company has also developed a swivel design that lets you use the projector to watch movies against the wall, or create an interactive touchscreen right in front of you for typing and playing mobile games. Unfortunately, Lenovo didn’t actually reveal how any of this works—it’s just a concept after all.

The company also offered up an interesting new take on the smartwatch, adding a second discreet screen built into the wristband. The front of the device looks like a pretty standard round-faced wearable. That second display, which Lenovo calls “Magic View,” only becomes visible when you hold it right at eye level. It’s a clever way to hide notifications from prying eyes, though for now the design looks pretty bulky. Again, this is just a concept for now.

Clearly, Lenovo has big ambitions for the future, though that doesn’t mean we’ll see either of these devices hit stores anytime soon. At the very least, we hope at least some of this technology makes into future gadgets in the near future.