Companies like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo may soon have a new competitor in the game console business.

Lenovo has reportedly created a new, home-brewed game console, called eBox and will launch in China by the end of the year.  Jay Chen, a Lenovo spokesperson indicated in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that the company “saw game consoles as an area with growth potential.”

In an additional interview with China Daily, Jack Luo, the president of Beijing Eedoo mentioned that the venture is “the world’s second company to produce a controller-free game console, behind only Microsoft.”

Lenovo has reportedly been working on this eBox for quite some time, but it only recently split off a team of employees into a newly formed game company.  According to the Journal, the employees built the eBox with the Microsoft Kinect interactivity in mind.

The company’s decision to move into the motion-gaming market with a home-brewed console isn’t a huge surprise to tech pundits.  Nintendo and its Wii savoured huge success as did Sony and Microsoft announcing their own motion-gaming peripherals; the Playstation Move and Kinect, respectively.  It would only make some decent sense that a new entrant would attempt the same strategy in such a fast-growing market.

Details of the eBox haven’t been announced, however Lenovo confirmed that the console will arrive in China first.  It hopes to bring the device to store shelves by Q4 of 2010.