Lenovo’s done a pretty good job with the ThinkPad series since it was acquired from IBM in 2005. Now the Chinese company is toying with the idea of releasing a new model of the laptop that could be a huge hit with longtime fans.

The company’s design chief David Hill shared a few renders for a retro ThinkPad design this week, adding that it might actually happen if enough people express interest. The retro laptop features a colorful logo along with a blue Enter button, a classic seven row keyboard, exposed screws, rubberized paint, a 16:10 display, and plenty of light-up status LEDs. Of course, it’s also a lot thinner than the original models, coming in at just 18mm.

Hill notes that Lenovo would need to sell a lot of laptops to justify the new product, and for now this is just a fun experiment. Still, considering how popular retro styles have become in some other industries, it’s not too farfetched to think this might work too.

If you’re interested in a retro ThinkPad, you can sound off in the comments section of Hill’s post via the source link below.