Lenovo ThinkPad T430u front

Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed yesterday that Apple will begin to manufacture some of its Mac products in the United States next year. Then Foxconn, Apple's largest manufacturer, said that it plans to do the same. Today, DigiTimes said that Lenovo also has plans to build desktop and laptop computers in the United States in "small volumes." The effort on moving stateside is apparently in a bid to "prepare for the business-use PC market and for government procurement orders," DigiTimes explained.

Lenovo will apparently build a factory in North Carolina, in addition to several new ones in other areas around the world, including possible locations in Canada and Germany. In-house production will come at a price, however. Lenovo currently charges 20 percent but is hoping to boost its fees to 50 percent. One question remains: how will the end goal affect laptop prices?

[via DigiTimes]