I saw Lenovo’s new K900 phablet and it’s big and beautiful and THIN. Will this thing’s battery last a full day? Heck if I know—there’s no way of knowing until we actually have this for ourselves, if it even makes its way to the U.S. But I saw it with my own two eyeballs and they nearly fell out of my head like in an old Saturday morning toon.

The K900 is massively tall—it’s screen is 5.5-inch—but it looks wonderful. Lenovo has carefully created a brushed metal unibody design that perfectly compliments its slender frame. Just like ZTE’s Grand S, the Lenovo K900 is 6.9mm thin—and yes that 5.5-inch display is Full HD, at 400ppi.

Lenovo was more than happy to talk about the device and share (most) specs—13-megapixel camera, 2GHz dual-core Intel Atom processor—but we didn’t get to see the device in action, and it’s unclear when (and for how much) it’ll cost when it launches. The company did say it’ll run Android 4.1 from the get-go, and also said Android 4.2 is planned for the future.

This one was quietly filed near the back of ShowStoppers Tuesday night, but it stood out like a sore thumb. One of the reps showed us an actual model he had on him, and there were two others pristinely preserved under a glass case. The device looks impressive, but it’ll also have to actually work well if its to compete in the insane super phone category that’s cropping up.

Right now things are in the prototype stage for Lenovo, but it might have something very worthwhile on its hands.