Lenovo unveiled a bunch of exciting new products at its Tech World conference on Thursday, but the company also offered a glimpse at some of its more experimental technology. Specifically, we got a brief look at an amazing foldable smartphone and tablet in action.

Thanks to a flexible display and internal hardware, the futuristic smartphone can wrap around your wrist, quickly transforming into a wearable device. That makes it easy to carry around even if you don’t have any pockets or a bag. The bendable tablet is capable of folding in half, which turns the larger display into a phablet-sized gadget for one-handed use.

Lenovo didn’t say when these products will actually launch, but we hope we won’t have to wait too much longer. Samsung is expected to introduce its rumored foldable phone as soon as early 2017, which could put plenty of pressure on the rest of the industry to keep up. Thursday’s brief demonstration may mark the beginning of a wave of foldable phones and tablets.