Lenovo Windows Phone

Speculation surrounding a Windows Phone handset from Lenovo has been rife since a leaked photo (above) of a mysterious device was published on the Chinese social networking site Weibo earlier this week. The company has now confirmed rumors and announced that it does indeed have a Windows Phone device lined up for the second half of 2012.

In an interview with iMobile, Yue Chen, product manager for LePhone — Lenovo's mobile phone division — said that the company's plans to build a Windows Phone handset are well underway, and that it has a "clear release schedule" for the device:

"We are indeed currently considering a Windows Phone-based LePhone product, and we already have a clear release schedule.

"It will be released during the second half of 2012."

Unfortunately Yue Chen didn't go into details, so we have no idea what the device might be like, where it will launch, or how much it'll cost. Based on the image above, however, one thing we are pretty certain of is that it'll boast a front-facing camera — a feature that has only recently begun hitting Windows Phone handsets.

The device is sure to fit in well with Microsoft's bid to take Windows Phone to China — where Lenovo is based. Microsoft is pushing to get its growing mobile operating system running in the county next year, having already opened up its APIs to Chinese application developers, and Lenovo's upcoming device will certainly support that mission.

Will you be looking forward to Lenovo's Windows Phone handset, or do you think there are already enough Windows Phone manufacturers in your territory?

[via TechRadar]