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Earlier this year, Lenovo announced plans for a new smartphone brand with a focus on selling it through its online stores. Now, the Chinese company has revealed the name for its latest venture. Say hello to Fancy Maker.

Lenovo's Senior Vice President Chen Xudong announced the news this week, and plans to head the project. He didn't offer many details about Fancy Maker, but promised that "the new company will be run under a more flexible management," GizmoChina reports. Chen also noted that the new brand should be able to grow quickly thanks to Lenovo's established supply chain and resources.

It's worth noting that Lenovo also owns Motorola and its Moto Maker customization website. It's possible Fancy Maker could offer a similar service, letting customers design their own smartphones online. The new project is expected to focus on the Chinese market and compete with Xiaomi and other local companies, so we're guessing Fancy Maker smartphones will be significantly cheaper than the Moto X.

The end result may be something like a highly customizable Moto G, though we won't know for sure until Lenovo reveals more specific plans for Fancy Maker.