Lenovoa YogaAccording to TheVerge, Lenovo is aiming to be the first to market with a Windows 8 tablet. An admirable goal, except for the fact that Michael Dell, founder of Dell, promised an enterprise Windows 8 slate on the exact day Windows 8 is shipped. The source didn't share any juicy details other than to say that Lenovo's device will supposedly come equipped with an Intel chip, and that the company is anticipating an October release. Lenovo previously teased an oddly configured Windows 8 laptop/tablet hybrid all the way back at CES, so the company may already know what directions it wants to head in. October, in the land of tech, isn't all that far off, and it seems the Windows 8 tablet race is well underway; wonder who'll be the first manufacturer to bestow such a device on consumers?

[via The Verge]