Leica May 10, 2012 Announcement InvitationThe date seems to be set. Leica has scheduled an announcement for May 10, 2012. There are a few rumors going as to what will be announced, but no one is really sure. Here are the different products that Leica might be announcing on May 10.

Leica M10

As Brandon previously wrote, some are predicting that the M10 rangefinder is going to be announced as the successor to the company’s very popular digital M9. The M9 was Leica’s first full-frame rangefinder offering, and it was responsible for the growth the company has seen over the past 3 years. Although the Leica M9-P, an upgraded M9, was announced less than a year ago, many people feel that the M9-P was just a small upgrade and that something bigger is coming.

Leica M with a Black and White Sensor

There are others that are saying that Leica will release a digital M rangefinder camera with a black and white sensor. I found this rumor to be very strange when I first heard about it. A lot of people shoot black and white film with their film Leica cameras, and many convert their photos to black and white with when shooting with their digital Leica cameras, but would releasing a digital camera that can only capture in black and white be a good move? There is a market out there for a product like this, but how big is it?

Leica X2

The third rumor floating around is that the successor to the Leica X1 is going to be announced on May 10. The Leica X1 is a high end compact camera that has an APS-C sized sensor, announced in 2009 along with the Leica M9. The Leica X1 is a camera that I think we should see a replacement very soon. If not, I think Leica is going to scrap the X-series and replace it with something different. Even though the X1 is an extremely expensive camera, 3 years is too long for an upgrade cycle of a point-and-shoot camera.

Leica Mirrorless Camera

The last rumor going around is that Leica might be announcing a mirrorless camera. The Leica M series is technically mirrorless, but this rumor pertains to a Micro Four Thirds system camera, a system that will allow users to have multiple lenses, but will not cost as much as the Leica M cameras. A mirrorless model would give people the opportunity to own a versatile Leica at a more affordable price. A Micro Four Thirds camera could also serve as a gateway for longer term Leica customers who may eventually upgrade to more expensive M series models.

Those are the big rumors regarding the Leica event on May 10. I personally think that a replacement to the X1 and new Leica M camera are going to be announced. What do you guys think is going to be announced?

[Via: Steve Huff Photo]