LEGO Worlds

What on earth is LEGO Worlds? The little advert you see above was pulled from a recent LEGO set. Yes, a physical set, nothing to do with a game. Though it's not at all weird for LEGO to include adverts for products across mediums with their bricks. In fact, the practice is commonplace.

Eurobricks forum user mikealsol indicated that the one page ad was on "the backside of the instruction [sic] for set 60097." That set number links to a very recently released LEGO City – Town Square set. It looks like the advert has skipped ahead of the LEGO Worlds announcement.

The fine print says it's being developed by TT Games and published by WB Games, as is standard for the LEGO efforts in the gaming space. The art and verbiage, along with popular consensus across most forums and blogs, suggests that Worlds is looking to put a LEGO spin on the Minecraft experience.

"Explore. Discover. Create." Sounds like Minecraft to me. The URL in the upper right corner is currently broken, but all that tells me is that LEGO wasn't ready to announce this yet.

If TT Games and WB do this right, LEGO Worlds could very easily generate competition for Minecraft. We'll have more on this rumor as it comes.