As a child of the 1970s I remember LEGO sets as things like “a helicopter,” “a boat,” and so on. Touring the company’s booth this year I was just dumbfounded by the diversity of the products, blocks and ingenuity that was on display. I am aware this is not something that happened over night, but when you see this many different sets all in one place, it really hits you just how much this company has changed over the years.

LEGO has two movies this year hitting theaters. First is the success LEGO Batman Movie, and the next will be Ninjago. While there were sets on display in the showroom, we were not allowed to photograph them due to potential spoilers, but they looked fantastic. The sets you see in the gallery below are from the upcoming season of the television series.

Also included in this gallery are images from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming and DC Superhero Girls. Not included – because they were only blank boxes – are Thor: Ragnarok products. Sets are coming for sure, but nothing other than grayed out boxes were on display.

LEGO City is the longest running of the company’s series, and this year it is receiving some pretty massive expansions. The police force is getting all new vehicles, while the Coast Guard will be patrolling the shores.

The oddest addition, however, is somewhere on the outskirts of the city there are now Jungle Ruins and along with that comes a crashed plane and giant predator cats. So… that’s what happened to that mini-figure you lost, the jungle cats got them!

LEGO Star Wars sets are always a big hit, and while not a lot of new sets were on display, they did say they will be supporting The Last Jedi. No surprise there, but nothing was on display currently other than a large sign. We’re sure that is being kept under tight wraps for the time being.

In general, LEGO has a metric ton of new sets coming out this year. From Minecraft to higher-end kits in its Architecture series.