LEGO Marvel Super Heroes has donned a completely new teaser trailer. Fans will immediately notice Wolverine, the Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man and more amongst the ranking heroes. Their opponent? Well…

Who's the biggest villain in the Marvel universe? Galactus, of course. It looks like the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes take on the massive planet consumer represents that of its classic form in comics.

Of course, Galactus always needs a herald, so let's hope LEGO Marvel Super Heroes features a playable version of the Silver Surfer.

Between the LEGO DC Comics games and this brand new Marvel Super Heroes edition, the nerds here at TechnoBuffalo are having a field day. These games have always been a guilty pleasure of mine, but they just keep getting more and more gloriously nerdy with each edition.

What do you think of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes? The game will release on every platform under the sun later this year.

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