Anything could be recreated in Lego and I’d probably be into it. The Lego Movie? That was awesome. The Lego Batman Movie? It looks amazing. A Lego synopsis of Harry Potter? Well, we got that too—and it’s great.

The guys over at How It Should Have Ended got into the Harry Potter spirit with the release of Fantastic Beasts this weekend, and they decided to provide the Cliffs Notes version of the series and it’s absolutely hilarious.

All the snippy and irreverent humor from the Lego Movies is back in this video, even though it is not done by the same creators.

Most of the important characters (aside from Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermione) make an appearance including Dumbledore, Voldermort, Professor Snape, Umbridge and Dobby. Even Newt Scamander makes a cameo.

The video jumps in chronological order from movie to movie until the end, when it pokes fun at Quidditch, the growing Harry Potter universe, and Fantastic Beasts. 

The whole video is a lot of fun and will brighten up your day. Check out the video below.