WB has become notorious in the PC gaming world for releasing poorly ported software. Consider, for a moment, the colossal mess that was Batman: Arkham Knight. That port was so bad on PC that WB had to delist it for months on end before they could fix it enough to sell it again.

Now? Now we have the newly ported LEGO City Undercover. Once a Wii U exclusive, the game is now heading to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. The PC version? Rock, Paper, Shotgun has confirmed that it’s an atrocious mess. There are problematic menus, control systems and “loading screens.” The big one, though

The big problem is the currently unchangeable 1280×1024 resolution, surely a screen size meant for your Apple Watch.

This in the age of 4K?

You can apparently find other resolution settings in the menu, but it’s impossible to select the Accept button to actually apply your changes. That’s ludicrous. TT is supposedly working on a fix, but RPS has it that they’ve not responded to comment.

For now, don’t pick this one up on PC yet.