lego-logoAs a kid, I had a bucket full of Legos I played with nearly everyday after school. Build something, take it apart. Repeat. Ask any child or adult of any age, and they’ll likely have a fond memory of the small plastic blocks. It’s a timeless product that’s regarded around the world, not only for its simplicity, but because it speaks to new and old generations.

So it is with best wishes and regards I wish Lego a very happy belated birthday on behalf of the TechnoBuffalo Herd. The venerable Lego, which has spawned numerous offshoots, including successful video games, theme parks and licensed sets, is now a young 80 years old.

Founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen in a single building in Billund, Denmark, Lego is currently the third-largest “producer of play materials.” Here’s something I did not know: “Lego” is the combination of the Danish words “leg” and “godt,” which when translated means “play well.” Until you step on one with your barefoot! Ah, the memories.

In honor of Lego’s birthday — which was actually on August 10 — unearth your old set in the attic and, for old time’s sake, build something to celebrate.

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