Michael Cera has agreed to voice the role of Robin in Lego Batman, the standalone film dedicated to the dark knight. Batman was a standout character in The Lego Movie, adding an over-the-top comedic element to what was an already funny film. The character was made even more memorable thanks to the talents of Will Arnett, who gave Batman a preposterous confidence. His portrayal was far from how we’re used to seeing Batman onscreen, which is what made it so successful.

The spin-off film isn’t slated to hit theaters until early 2017, which means we know virtually nothing about it. We do know, however, that Chris McKay, who was the animation supervisor of The Lego Movie, is directing, while Seth Grahame-Smith has taken over screenwriting duties. Other than that, we don’t know what other characters will make an appearance.

Cera has typically played awkward and aloof characters, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see his Robin be the straight and narrow of the movie. That would be an inside joke in and of itself. He doesn’t strike us as the superhero type, but since this is Lego we’re talking about, there’s more flexibility to play with expectations of what a certain character should be.