The last time we got a live-action Dungeons & Dragons movie was back in 2000, a year before Peter Jackson changed the geek-movie game completely with The Fellowship of the Ring. It was so bad, though, that we can still feel the sting nearly two decades later. Then, we found out in December that the role-playing franchise would get another chance, with Paramount looking to adapt the property for the big screen in the next few years. It's more than just talk, too. The Hollywood Reporter says the studio has its eye on a particular director.

Director Chris McKay is in talks with the studio to handle the film. He was the animation director on the original LEGO Movie before going on to direct the LEGO Batman movie. Right now, he's working on the planned live-action Nightwing movie for Warner Bros. and DC Comics.

It sounds like McKay is a busy guy. Dungeons & Dragons has a release date of July 23, 2021 right now. Nightwing, meanwhile, doesn't have a release date, but McKay has had a lot to say about the movie both to press and to fans on Twitter, agreeing with one fan that the white eyes we see in the comics and most animated versions of Batman and Batman-related properties should be something we see in the live-action versions, too.

Details about both of these movies are likely to be scarce for a while. The 2021 release date puts Dungeons & Dragons still a full 3 years out. The DCEU's troubled times could put the Nightwing flick even further out, if it even sees the light of day.

Even so, we'd love to see Dungeons & Dragons get another chance on the big screen.