If you want to play the new DLC for LEGO Batman 3, you'll have to become someone else. You'll have to become something else. Something made out of LEGO bricks.

That is, you'll have to become Arrow, The CW's version of DC Comics' Green Arrow character.

This new pack, part of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham's season pass, is set on the island featured in the television show's first two seasons and prominently features the voice of the Arrow himself, Stephen Amell. Playable characters include Slade Wilson, Roy Harper, Black Canary, Malcom Merlyn, and Felicity Smoak – names that sound like a whole bunch of gibberish unless you watch the show.

For a deeper preview of some of the awesome dialogue the LEGO team wrote for Amell – lines like "If you're with the continuity police, I sometimes like to imagine myself on the island wearing my Arrow costume" – check out one of the playthrough videos already online, like this one from Kotaku's Mike Fahey.

It's fun to see such a serious character (even if the comic book he's based on isn't so serious) poked fun at, especially with the help of the actor playing him. I'm tempted to pick up a LEGO game for the first time in years.