While I think I would be more partial to a Metroid movie, much of the Nintendo world really wants the company to make a live-action Legend of Zelda film. Such a huge gamble with a such a cherished franchise would be bound to garner all sorts of criticisms and anxieties on behalf of the entire planet.

What would be the easiest way to set everyone's mind at ease? Easy, give it to the best in the business.

Granted, it wouldn't be a live-action film, but after seeing what the possible results could look like, Studio Ghibli would make a stunning Legend of Zelda film if left in the hands of a proper director. This fan trailer, made by Matt Vince, has us watching with glued eys and drooling lips, just wishing such a project could be true.

While it will never happen, Studio Ghibli has begun dabbling in video games thanks to Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch and its sequel. At the same time, with the "on again, off again" retirement of Hayao Miyazaki, the quality of such a film could also be constantly questioned if it turned out like one of Ghibi's more recent films.

It's not the 80s anymore!

Still, it remains a happy "what if?!" scenario much of the gaming world could get behind, especially if we had a time-machine destined for Miyazaki's break from directing between Porco Rosso and Princess Mononoke.

If not Ghibli, though, then who? Makoto Shinkai? Pixar? Personally, I think animated would be the best and only way to go for The Legend of Zelda. Otherwise, any non-del Toro director would probably lean on Lord of the Rings cliches a little too much.

And here I go, raving and speculating like a fanboy. I told you this trailer would do that!