Hold onto your green caps for this one, but it looks like it could be the end of days! Nintendo isn't shying away one bit from the middling success of Super Mario Run. In fact, it appears as if the company is doubling down on its mobile plans by tapping into its other marquis franchise.

An unconfirmed report by The Wall Street Journal claims that Nintendo is allegedly working on a brand new Legend of Zelda game for smartphones. Details are scarce at the moment, but the WSJ believes that the game will be released after Nintendo's Animal Crossing smartphone game, which is believed to be coming in the second half of 2017.

Nintendo and DeNA did not comment on the rumor.

Free-to-play Zelda!

15 energy rupees gets you 60 arrows! Just $3 real world money! Okay, that's probably going a bit overboard. Nintendo's not that silly… yet.How this turns out depends on how much Nintendo has learned from both of its smartphone ventures.

The extent to which this Zelda game turns out greatly depends on how much Nintendo has learned from both Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run. The allure of character collection will likely not work here, so I don't see how the free to play method plays into that. On the flip side, Super Mario Run's payment system didn't really work… at all.

Nintendo is making the right moves since the series will be dominating headlines all year, but it needs to nail the payment system for this to be relatively successful.