Oh, that wacky Eiji Aonuma. He's at it again like he just doesn't care. The eccentric and iconic Legend of Zelda producer spoke out during a Legend of Zelda concert in Japan this weekend and blabbed out information that has, in no way whatsoever, been officially revealed yet.

"We know what you are thinking – Skyward Sword for Switch. Right?"

Way to be subtle, Eiji. Twitter lit up over the comments made, claiming that the audience erupted into full cheers at the comment and putting Nintendo in a position to hopefully deliver.

I love it when some of the older Japanese creative minds just don't care one bit about the business side of things. They just say whatever they want and take announcements in their own hands because they know nothing bad is going to happen to them. Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii has the same mindset, knowing that any slap on the wrist he gets is barely going to leave a mark.

But I can think of few Legend of Zelda games that need a re-release on the Switch more than Skyward Sword. I wondered how a port of the game would ever work a few years back, knowing that the Wii Motion Plus would be outdated technology down the road. Skyward Sword remains the only game in the series totally reliant on motion controls, and without the Wii-mote, all seemed impossible.

Well, the Joy-cons do have motion controls, not that I ever use them or anything. And they should have no problem recreating the necessary motions for Link's precise sword swings in the game's deep combat.

That's one problem solved already, thanks to the powers of the Nintendo Switch. The other? Please, take out those awful tutorials and just let me play the game! No other Legend of Zelda game, not even the slow, meandering, and boring Twilight Princess turns me off so quickly the second I fire up a new adventure. The thought of pushing through those tutorials again… and again… and again… are just too much.

Please, Nintendo. Skyward Sword has the potential to be such a good game. All you have to do is put it on a console that your fans actually want to play and just get out of their way. They'll figure out the intricacies all on their own, trust me. Those that can't, well, they probably can watch a streaming channel or something. Don't punish us for their sake.