The Legend of Zelda Procuder Eiji Aonuma believes that the Switch has enough life left in it for one more game from his venerated franchise.

Sharing several views on Nintendo’s current console, Aonuma recently stated that his hit game Breath of the Wild doesn’t fully tap into the power of the Switch, and he is looking at ways to create another Legend of Zelda designed specifically for the hardware within the next five to six years.

Aonuma has hinted in the past that the kind of open-world freedom in Breath of the Wild is vital to the future of the series and would most likely return for future entries. Job listings hiring for the project have been spotted in the wild, but nothing exists that could give a hint into what Aonuma is thinking up this time.

It is only assumed that production has already begun.

While the Nintendo Switch does have Breath of the Wild, the game was also developed for the Wii U, limiting the potential of what the game could achieve with the Nintendo Switch’s unique hardware and design philosophy.

A game developed specifically for the Wii U would end up like The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, which, for better or worse, utilized the Wii’s controls to make a Zelda game specifically for that console. This has both ups and downs since Skyward Sword can only ever be played on the Wii and never ported to another console… ever… unless Nintendo either retools the old game or brings back the Wii MotionPlus years after the technology goes out of style.

The Nintendo Switch does have better motion controls that the Wii, but I would rather see Nintendo make something that could cross generations of play. I don’t like Twilight Princess in the least, but I do respect that Nintendo can bring it to other consoles for future play.