Get ready for a blast of nostalgia, Nintendo fans. Koei Tecmo and Nintendo are taking us on a wild ride with this latest Hyrule Warriors trailer which features everything we’ve seen up to this point as well as new features and new faces.

Kicking off with a rockin’ version of the classic theme song, we roll through the playable characters and named bosses one by one. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but take my word that each of the villains will also be a playable character in a New Game+ mode or something of the like. Dynasty Warriors always gives you the perspective of the opposing sides, and I doubt Hyrule Warriors will be any different.

Hyrule Warriors‘ original playable character, Lana, also hums the classic overworld theme when battling. It’s adorable.

From there, we see that the worlds of Ocarina of Time, The Twilight Princess, and The Skyward Sword have all crashed together, combining into one super Hyrule. We see the overworld map for the first time, and how this confusing landscape works out. Each incarnation of Link will charge and cut his way through eras and enemies which rightfully have nothing to do with one another.

Aside from combat, we get a look at how the one-and-only hookshot works both in and out of battle. We see that there are in fact Gold Skulltulas to collect, ugh. And at last, the original NES Legend of Zelda makes an appearance as a gathering of mini-games similar to what you can find in NES Remix. Not quite what I was hoping for, but I wonder what kind of goodies you can unlock. A skin for Link with his original NES costume?

And oh, the closing thirty seconds of the trailer are just downright goosebump inducing, watching Link battle with his huge arsenal of weapons to the remixed classic theme. And before you know it, one final reveal is made. Cuckoos are returning! Beware! Don’t attack them too much!

This is shaping up to be a wildly fun ride for Zelda fans looking for something new. Anything missing? I’m really not seeing anything from Link’s Awakening or the seminal masterpiece of the series, Link to the Past. Still two months to go, I guess.