The Super Nintendo games on the New Nintendo 3DS are getting more and more tempting with each passing release! Last we saw one of Capcom’s best in Mega Man 7, and this week comes a fan-favorite hit from Konami. Yes, the company does indeed still publish video games… occasionally.

Legend of the Mystical Ninja is the only game from the popular Ganbare Goemon series to be localized back in its prime during the Super Nintendo days. The dedicated team at Konami seamlessly blended a whole host of gameplay ideas together, everything from 2D platforming, to exploration in beat ’em style stages, to mini games, and even a fully playable version of Gradius inside the game itself.

Added co-op mode only makes the game better, and it makes me wonder how the New Nintendo 3DS will handle such an important factor in the game’s popularity.

I really need to update my handheld, don’t I? I suppose the nature of the NX will help me determine if I need one of these New Nintendo 3DS systems to play all of my Super Nintendo favorites.

Legend of the Mystical Ninja is available now, and if you didn’t know, it makes a lot of references to modern day Japanese local traditions and stereotypes.