Chinese tech company LeEco will make its big US debut on Tuesday. The company’s new smartphones, including the Le Pro3 and Le S3, will go on sale in the U.S., as will a bevy of the firm’s smart televisions.

LeEco has a two-pronged strategy to the US market. It’s trying to attract customers with low prices and an ecosystem of video content that’s available across its various platforms. The firm’s smartphones and TVs are high quality and high-end, at least in terms of hardware, which makes their low prices even more appealing.

The company’s flagship Le Pro3 smartphone, for example, will run customers about $299 after a $100 instant rebate on Tuesday. It packs some of the same flagship hardware we see in $800 phones, including a metal body and the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor.  It’s going to compete directly with the likes of the Honor 8 and the OnePlus 3, and it costs $100 less if you buy it today. Hard to turn that kind of offer down. At those prices, how can LeEco survive?

Glad you asked.

LeEco will try to make money in other ways, through its various services that are available to customers. Some of the aforementioned video content comes at a premium, for example, and subscriptions to some of LeEco’s paid services. One such subscription service is its EcoPass membership, which is available with some product purchases and offers cloud storage options, discounts on additional LeEco products, extended warranties and more. 3 months of EcoPass is included with a smartphone purchase, and between 3 months and one year of the service is included with a TV purchase. You don’t need to buy the EcoPass if you buy a smartphone, and the good news is that the hardware quality is pretty top notch.

LeEco sells top-notch hardware at low prices

I’ve been using the Le Pro3 smartphone for the past couple of days and there’s no doubt its a premium smartphone from a hardware perspective. The software leaves a bit desired, and services like EcoPass seem like unnecessary upsells. I’ll save most of my opinions for the full review, but I also haven’t found any streaming content that piques my interest, and that’s supposed to be a major selling point of some of LeEco’s products — access to that streaming ecosystem. I haven’t had access to any of the firm’s TVs so I can’t speak to their quality, but the prices are certainly attractive. The company’s Super4 X Series ecotvs start at $649 for a 43-inch set, for example, while a 55-inch set will cost you $899 and a larger 65-inch will set you back $1,399. With today’s instant LeRewards discounts, those prices drop by $200.

Several products will be available for order beginning at 1 pm EST on Wednesday, including the LeECo LePro3 smartphone, the Le S3 smartphone, three models of the Super4 X Series TVs and the company’s flagship uMax85 ecoTV, which will sell for $3,999 with a $1,000 LeRewards instant rebate. It’s a big day for LeEco – now let’s see if it gets the splash it’s hoping for.