Each new iPhone or iPad model comes with subtle changes to many device features, including the all-important camera lens. So why assume an add-on lens that works on one iPhone will definitely fit on next year's model? You can't…which is why the LimeLens Universal Smartphone Camera Lens Set (now $39.99, marked down from $99) is such a big improvement over other third-party lens.

The clever Limeclip system gives you not one, but three separate attachment options, each created to fit a specific iPhone, iPad, or Android model like a glove. Each of your two lens take over from there, offering you the opportunity to shoot pics you could never accomplish with your standard-issue phone camera.

The dual macro/wide-angle lens (10x macro/0.67x wide-angle) can shoot macro shots resplendent in fine detail…and it also handles wide angle images that allow for gorgeous panoramic images. Meanwhile your second lens, a fisheye with 190° visibility, kicks out a distinctive visual distortion that lend an artistic flair to every image you capture.

It's valued at almost $100, but you can pick up this essential phone camera lens kit right now at 59% off — just $39.99 while this deal lasts.