Fans of Python are unified in what they like about the programming language. Devotees agree that Python is one of the easiest languages to pick up, one of the most concise to use, and seldom gets caught up in the tricky hoops and arcane command structure that can make other languages so difficult to master.

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Over nine courses featuring more than 30 hours of training, you'll proceed from the basics to more advanced techniques in courses including:

Learn Python 3 from Beginner to Advanced
The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Django
Python for Programmers
Python Scrapy
Python Scipy
Python Numpy
Learn iPython
Python BeautifulSoup
Python Object Oriented Programming Fundamentals

Through hands-on examples, you'll build blogs, a server, a Reddit clone and more as you learn in-depth Python libraries capable of bringing virtually any web programming idea to life. You'll even get a background in some hardcore computer science and analytics processes that spring from the fountain of Python knowledge.

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