Computer programming can seem pretty impenetrable to an outsider. So, if you haven't been coding websites and tearing around the web since you were a kid, how do you learn the background needed to create sites and apps that look great and function the way you want?

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·       Introduction to Web Development:  The true beginner's beginning…learn the foundations of everything you'll learn about coding here.

·       jQuery for Beginners:  jQuery helps you create dynamic, high-end web and app graphics with a minimum of coding to bog things down…dazzle users and create interfaces like development pros.

·       iOS Development for Beginners:  Tackle Apple development here, with hands-on instruction for building iPhone and iPad apps, including training in Xcode and Swift.

·       HTML5 Mobile App Development with PhoneGap:  PhoneGap brings together powerful, fast-moving apps with simple HTML, CSS and JavaScript functions.

·       C Programming for Beginners:  C programming is one of the most versatile programming languages ever, so learn this foundational piece of web development knowledge.

·       Python for Beginners:  It doesn't get more user-friendly for newbies than Python…master the ins and outs of this programming language that simplifies and powers up your web and mobile coding projects.

·       JavaScript for Beginners:  One of the top three content creation technologies ever, understand how this integral browser language produces dynamic, interactive user experiences.

·       HTML and CSS for Beginners:  Along with JavaScript, HTML and CSS make up the holy trinity of web development…follow lab exercises that show you how these indispensable programming pieces work together to produce most of what you see online today.

This type of essential coding training regularly costs over $6,600…but for $49, you can now master the knowledge to build literally anything for web or mobile.  At 99% off, it's too comprehensive a package to pass up.