Programming languages come and go, and any that are in vogue can become obsolete tomorrow. Ever heard of Turbo Pascal? Exactly.

But if there's one language that's been anywhere near reliable, it's Java.

Java's been a core programming language for over two decades, yet still serves as one of the primary coding methods for any website or app available anywhere. This makes it a valuable skill to learn–and the Java Full Spectrum learning bundle, available now in the TechnoBuffalo Deals Store, is a great way to do it.

Across these two courses, you'll go from clueless newbie to seasoned Java master

In Learn Java Programming from Scratch, you'll learn core commands and operations, as well as how to use variables, strings, arrays and loops–the basics of Object Oriented Programming (OOP). You'll also learn how to collect and use Java information, as well as how to read and write to files to make your build sing.

Then, in Intermediate and Advanced Java Programming, you'll take your freshly-minted skills up a notch, mastering programming techniques including inheritance and extends keywords. You'll also learn how to build and structure a "real" Java app that accepts user input.

And did we mention that with Java skills on your resume, you'll instantly open up a world of new potential job prospects to your future? Java's reach is everywhere – so professionals who have mastered it are in prime position to land the jobs they want.

Usually, these two Java courses would cost you $1,260, so grab this training now at its discounted price of $19–an absolute bargain that's available for a limited time only.