Unity 5 Developer Course

Every committed gamer has a secret ambition to make games for a living — and it turns out that the required skills are within reach. The Unity 5 Developer Course takes you from newb to pro developer, and TechnoBuffalo Deals has it for $35.

Many of the world's biggest titles are built with Unity, and this course is designed to get you creating high quality games with the popular engine. Over the space of 278 concise video lessons, you learn to code games from scratch in C# — the native language of Unity. You also learn to utilize Test-Driven Development, so that you code efficiently from the start. Along the way, you gain valuable experience of developing games for the web and mobile platforms. What's more, the object-oriented programming skills you pick up are transferable to many other languages. The course comes with lifetime access, and a certificate of completion to show to potential employers.

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