There's no question that learning to code in multiple languages can open up a huge number of opportunities for you in the job market – of course, it can be hard to find the time (or the funds!) to invest in that kind of education. Fortunately, TechnoBuffalo has a special Pay What You Want: Learn to Code 2017 Bundle available in the deals store.

The Learn to Code 2017 Bundle includes ten different courses covering everything from Python to Ruby. You'll master a multitude of languages, all with different applications: learn how to build simple software programs quickly and easily with Google Go, get the run down on JavaScript, and develop apps for the latest iOS platform.

With this bundle, you'll learn essential programmatic languages applicable to any field – the possibilities are truly endless.

Best of all, you name your price (and the time you want to commit to the training). When you do, you'll unlock the first course in JavaScript. But if you beat the average price, you'll unlock the other nine courses in the bundle – it's a steal at up to 99% savings for a complete education in development.