Ethical hacking bundle

A key part of development is making sure your builds are secure, which means testing your own defenses. The White Hat Hacker Bundle teaches these skills through seven video courses, and you name the price at TechnoBuffalo Deals.

This comprehensive lineup of tuition is designed to be approachable for complete security beginners, but it includes over sixty hours of learning. It starts with The Complete Hacking Course, which walks you through the fundamentals, before helping you get to grips with VPNs, Tor, DoS and router attacks, and SQL injections. You can then further your knowledge with the Intensive Ethical Hacking Series, and take the separate tracks on Windows exploits, Node.js security, cross site scripting (XSS), and Wi-Fi hacking. All of the courses come with lifetime access, and they are taught by tech professionals.

To get the deal, pay whatever you like for the courses on Node.js and XSS; beat the average price paid to unlock the full bundle.