If you’re trying to get educated, you expect to pay for your tuition. But these course bundles at TechnoBuffalo Deals let you choose the price — covering mobile development, Microsoft Office productivity, and creating games.

Pay What You Want: Mobile-First Developer’s Bundle


There is a diverse range of subjects taught by this ten-course bundle, but the overarching aim is to give you the skills to code and design great mobile apps and websites. This includes writing apps for iOS, Android, and HTML5, creating compelling games, converting websites into apps, designing beautiful interfaces, and monetizing it all with advertising. The tuition is delivered via video lectures, and there is 72 hours of content in all. To take advantage of the deal, simply pay whatever you want for Monetize Your App: Major Advertising Networks and The Complete Android Lollipop App Development Course, and beat the average price paid to unlock the full bundle.

Pay What You Want: Game Developer Bundle

PWYW Game Developer Bundle

You can think of this deal as a bundle of bundles: it combines four courses on Unity 3D, six courses on building apps and games in HTML5, and five courses on designing games without code. Each mini-bundle teaches its subject in depth, with hands-on projects to practice your skills. While the tuition on Unity 3D touches on lighting, levels, animation, and particle effects, the HTML5 courses show you how to work with frameworks, and the non-coding tracks cover the best game development software around. You can pay what you like for the last group of courses; beat the average price paid to grab the rest of the bundle.

Pay What You Want: Microsoft Office Productivity Bundle


Even if you are a regular Microsoft Office user, you may not be aware of all the time-saving aids the suite has to offer. This bundle gives you a comprehensive tour, with 12 courses covering the basic and advanced functions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote and MS Access. Topics include formatting documents, building spreadsheets and graphs, designing killer presentations, taming your inbox, working remotely, and getting to grips with Excel Dashboard and Pivot Table. You learn through surprisingly engaging video lessons, and each course comes with a certificate of completion to put on your CV. The Microsoft OneNote 2013 and Comprehensive MS Access 2013 courses are both pay what you want, and as usual, beating the average price unlocks the other courses.