Leap Motion has already impressed us with what it can do inside of a specific app. But what if that sci-fi experience was built into an entire OS—say, Windows 8? The tiled design is already perfect for taps and swipes, and seeing simple motion gestures control the Metro UI somehow looks even more natural. The future of gesture control looks downright amazing, if a little silly.

As before, Leap has the user essentially mimicking an orchestra conductor, waving and swiping and pinching thin air. But the experience matches each gesture perfectly—down to a hundredth of a millimeter, Leap says. Just as we're purging QWERTY smartphones from our lives, companies are already moving beyond simple touch. How exciting.

Leap says that with Motion technology for Windows, you can navigate the desktop, browse the Web, flip through photos and go about your everyday business in all new ways. The same gesture experience is planned for Mac, Leap says. When the device does launch in July, it'll retail for only $80.